You have just taken the first step toward widening your audience. Achieving career success starts with the right team. SJK Public Relations, LLC is the team that can take your career or entity to the level of success you deserve. The firm prepares materials aimed at getting musicians in print, on-line, television, and radio and helps companies to announce and market products and services to the general public.

SJK PR was founded by Shirley Kennedy, a freelance writer and publicist. She works directly with bands, solo artists, and small businesses to generate press in print media, on radio, and on television.

SJK PR also provides press release services, helping to increase visibility for organizations and individuals with the general public, with a view toward increasing traffic to client sites, generating donations to non-profits, increasing sales, and making the public aware of those companies' and individuals' products and services.

SJK Public Relations is not a money-making mill; we care about our clients. Clients receive hands-on treatment, the one-on-one attention they deserve, and continuous support on their projects. When you're ready to take your vision to the next level, SJK PR is ready to help.


Shirley Kennedy is the President of SJK Public Relations, LLC and Opus Booking Agency, LLC, which currently provides bookings for alt-rock/country artist Dusty Bo (Louisville, KY). Shirley holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Creative Writing from Agnes Scott College and an MBA in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Shirley has worked as a freelance writer for The National Ledger, Jazz Quad, and, and currently serves as a political analyst for Palmer Report. Shirley was honored by inclusion in the liner notes of "Elliott Yamin" (Hickory Records), the largest selling independent CD in SoundScan history with the highest debut in the Billboard Top 100.

Shirley has had the pleasure of interviewing and writing about several Alligator Records and Ruf Records artists, and she worked with Eric Lindell on press. Recently, Shirley worked on press opportunities for Jesse Kramer, a finalist from The Four: Battle for Stardom, securing the "Artist Spotlight" at WHUD 100.7 in New York, an interview in Examiner (NY), press pieces in and Riverstown Media, and appearances on QueTV Multimedia and "This N That" on Fox Chattanooga in less than two months.

Shirley has served as a panelist at The Cutting Edge Music Business Conference, the Atlantis Music Conference, and the Dewey Beach Music Conference. Shirley also served as the press panel moderator at Cutting Edge and put together an impressive group of panelists, including Todd Weiss, a Pennsylvania journalist; John Luttrell, host and owner of Full-time Blues Radio; Bob Baker, internationally-renowned publicity and marketing expert; and Tom Barnas, Segment Coordinator for WGN-9 in Chicago.

SJK Public Relations works directly with clients to fine-tune promotion plans that best suit each client. While the company specializes in music clients, business clients are an important part of the SJK PR equation. TV and radio are two staples the company uses to draw attention to clients, and those methods transcend the industry. When Riejunio Premium Apparel launched its line three years ago, SJK PR brought in CBS 46 Better Mornings and fashion magazines to cover the event, rapidly spreading news of a hot, up-and-coming line. Regardless of industry, SJK PR prides itself on always making the client happy and helping those clients to achieve their desired goals.

Shirley has exceeded my every expectation. Her work ethic is unparalleled and she has a heart to match. I have been in the music business for almost 20 years and have yet to meet a harder working and honest person. She’s just the best!

Dusty Bo

We worked with SJK PR for the better part of three years. We went from playing all bar shows to playing in front of a million people on our national TV broadcast debut. While touring the country, the press that followed us was amazing. In every city we played, we were on the radio or TV, playing to an audience we could never reach that quickly and we owe it all to SJK PR. They have the connections and the know-how to take your career from "buzz" to constant national exposure. We had looked forward to a long professional relationship with SJK PR, but we became family. Simply put, we put our trust and careers in the hands of SJK PR and we couldn't feel better about that decision.

Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo

SJK adds a personal touch that is lacking in today's professional world. They helped us reach a new level of exposure in a very short time and did so by building strong, positive working relationships with other people and businesses.

Eric Shackelford
Aaron Williams, and the Hoodoo

SJK works harder than any PR firm twice their size and at a fraction the price. I could always trust that Shirley or one of her staff was working diligently on new leads for my band, and I never had to try and micromanage what they did. I always received an invoice so I know how my money has been spent. It's hard to know who you can rely on in the music business. SJK is a business you can trust with a work ethic that is world-class.

Charles Walker
The Charles Walker Band

SJK PR took the Ordain dream and turned it into a machine. It's comforting to know that when they promise to deliver they do, and in this industry such a trait is invaluable.

Scott Lathwood

Working with SJK Public Relations was fantastic. I worked with SJK for a couple years. SJK Public Relations opened up many doors for me that I wouldn't have been able to open myself. Shirley and her sister Georgia (Opus Booking) are two of the most humble, caring, and giving persons I have ever met. I can't thank them enough. If I ever have any problems or need any advice, it is always just one phone call away. In my opinion, SJK is built upon honesty and integrity. Shirley won't promise you the moon, but she will go out and try to get it for you.

Josh Hill

When you are ready to go to the next level with these kinds of results, contact SJK Public Relations. We are here to help make your dreams come true!