SJK PR prides itself on the quality and visual effect of press kits created for our clients. A standard press kit can be created for very little cost and includes all pertinent information such as photographs, press clippings, a One Sheet detailing airplay and other vital information, and a demo CD. Clients may bring their own clippings and other materials, and SJK PR will compile them into a professional binder for presentation to prospective media and venues. Alternatively, SJK PR works directly with its clients to create the necessary materials to make professional, presentation-ready press kits for its clients. All press kits are accompanied by a cover letter from the public relations specialist assigned to each client's account. SJK PR is also well versed in creating and disbursing electronic press kits for its clients, which many venues now require instead of physical kits. Let us work with you to create press kits that are sure to create a buzz for you with the media and venue owners across the nation.

SJK Public Relations also provides custom services on an as-needed basis.

SJK Public Relations, LLC

SJK PR uses an on-line press release service to reach the widest possible audience for our clients. We are experienced in using the right keywords and feeds that carry news of our clients all over the world. SJK PR can increase traffic to our client's websites, attract the attention of media, and increase our clients' on-line presence. Press releases vary in price depending upon what the client hopes to accomplish. All releases are privately e-mailed to the media. To date, SJK PR's press releases have generated in excess of half a million hits.

Dusty Bo & The Contraband - Daytime Chicago


SJK PR has worked with various clients in these important areas and is responsible for securing rotation on major radio, including 103.7 WPUP in Athens, GA; 105.5 WMMM, Madison, WI; KLTD 101.7 The Eagle, Temple, TX; WUTC 88.1, Chattanooga, TN; WDCB 90.1, the #1 blues/jazz station in Chicago, and WHUD 100.7, Beacon, New York. The company has also worked with television stations, including Fox 59, Indianapolis, IN; Fox 4 Mornings, Kansas City, MO; Urban Theater, Madison, WI; Good Day Atlanta, Atlanta, GA; Good Day Austin, Austin, TX; KARE 11, Minneapolis, MN; Good Morning Memphis, Memphis, TN; Fox 56, Lexington, KY; CBS 46 Better Mornings, Atlanta, GA; Morning Blend, Omaha, NE; and WGN 9, Chicago, IL. Some of the print media the company has worked with includes The Isthmus, Madison, WI; Maximum Ink, Madison, WI; Mail Tribune, Medford, OR; 365ink, Dubuque, IA; The Troy Register, Troy, NY; The Daily Times, Maryville, TN; The Examiner News, New York, New York; and River Journal News, Briarcliff Manor, NY. Most recently, SJK PR worked with Good Day Atlanta, WSMV TV Today in Nashville, Stories from the 78 (Chicago, IL), Max Ink Radio (Madison, WI), and WGN-9 Daytime Chicago to secure appearances for Dusty Bo. We recently secured airplay for Dusty Bo's upcoming fall tour on "Your Folk Connection," which airs on KRCU 90.9 FM, KSEF 88.9 FM, KDMC 88.7 FM, and WEIU 88.9 FM.

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